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Froggie, froggie

I'm back to where I started.

I'd been doing so well on the inhalers and looked forward to night out as I'd reached the point where I could carry on a conversation with no interruption and eat a meal in company without feeling embarassed. Life was sonderful. To go out with friends, a joy.

Now, all appears to have come to an abrupt end.

Getting a bit fed up with everyone I meet asking after me, cos I sound as if I have a cold, can't have a conversation, drink or a meal without coughing or spluttering. My husband works from home and we've noticed he hardly has a conversation where I don't cough. Phone rings every other minute so thats a lot of coughing. Also I'm back to feeling I have too much saliva and cough up clear and sticky phlegm.

We thought back over last three months. Fine on the seretide, Fine at the start with Symbicort apart from the sneezing. Past three weeks, sounding more as if frog in the throat and coughing a lot again. When I lie down in bed (on right side) its as if there's a wee frog croaking down in my throat as I breathe. I'm not breathless, just noisy. Also my get up and go has got up and went.

Previously I put down to the weather but possibly coincidental.

Making appt tomorrow. Not sure whether should be with the GP or the asthma nurse.

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Sorry to hear about all that grannymo,

I'm begginning to think myself it's the weather. Up and down temperatures don't help! I get a froggy throat when I run around too much, come back into a warm house from the cold and found out that I'm sensitive to dairy products(they apparently clogg you up if sensative).

Since cutting dairy products i've been better.

Have you been walking around more since you felt better a few weeks back? When you move your phlegm loosens and that might make you froggy?



Sending you a Big hug to cheer you up. Sometimes asthma symptoms and treatment can be one step forward and two back. Tho easier said than done don't give up on the treatment just like an old car a wee bit of tinkering then some smooth running. Take care gussy


GM, could be the weather, i'm just the same but with a croup like cough and best way to describe it would be liquid in the lungs, not nice. Hope u get sorted soon.


Hiya Granny,

Sorry to hear things aren't great.

Interesting to hear everryone elses experiences - that froggie seems to be visiting far and wide, I'm constantly throat clearing, horrible cough which never seems to clear my throat. Not an infection and my breathing is fine, it's my throat!

Hope the nurse can help you, be really interested in what she suggests!

I'm going to try and make a GP appt for Friday evening.



Hi Nanna,

So sorry your not well and nights out down the pan,hope the weather warms up alittle.

Hope you can get some more meds to help/

love Glynis xxxxxx


Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well. I was thinking of going to see my doctor cause I have similar symptoms I am constantly trying to clear my throat but don't think I have an infection. I have also been wondering if it is the weather.

Let us all know what your doctor says. x



Hi all,

Managed to get an appt with asthma nurse Thursday on account of asthma attack the night before (11 pufs of reliever before all calmed down again) and thus I was an 'emergency'. Nurse took PF - 250. Last review, start of January at which she'd said 'doing fine, come back and see me Jan 2011'. Thus, somewhat surprised to see me.

I'd seen a GP last week? Yes. Did you tell him all your symptoms? Yes, he'd sounded chest, said it was clear and took PF. Pointed out rarely above 300. Reading of 350 - see, its fine? Um, no its not, I tried to tell him I'd had puffs of Symbicort just before coming to appt. so yeah, PF would look good. Unfortunately this 'good' PF led to him telling me to change the regime my asthma nurse had set (and which was, until the coldest weather, working well) including changing reliever from Symbicort to Salbutamol.

Now, the reason I'm to have symbicort as both preventer and reliever is because my PFs are on the low side - at most, lungs work somewhere between 60 - 70% - so symbicort containing both preventer and reliever in one, is ideal as gives just a little bit more protection. Without that extra bit, ventolin was basically doing nothing much and is why I'd to use so much the other night. And why gave me such a fright and wondering if I should be calling 999.

Nurse looked at my PF for last two weeks - never got above 300 - had a word with one of the GPs and I'm back on original regime with added Pred to kick start back to normal. GP added antibiotics too.

Cough is a whole lot better in two days of taking the Pred. Thursday night after two doses of Pred. - best sleep for a long time. I've most of my energy back and even did a long walk this afternoon, around our wee town. Something I'd completely given up on.

Asthma nurse did say weather had upset quite a few asthma sufferers.


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