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E211 Sodium benzoate

Last night out with friends to our wee local club. All we do is sit and chat in quiet wee room. Most there's ever been on a Monday night is 10 folk plus barmaid. There's no background music or fruit machine going. Just us.

Last few weeks, DH and I have taken week about re designated driver. Last night, friend gave us a lift - so you can both have a drink, as he put it. My drink is gin and tonic and I've found on the inhalers that two is enough nowadays and subsequent drinks are tonic only. Did the same last night but oh! felt decidedly wibbly after my first gin and tonic. Put it down to not having had much to eat for tea - had been one of those glorious days when nothing went to plan, we'd had great fun and I'd ended up grabbing a tin of soup for quickness. Friend plonked a second G&T beside me and I took about two sips before stopping to chat. As I chatted, felt as if I was chattering instead of chatting. Took a deep breath and said to my pals that thought I'd gone off G&T as now had the feeling one sometimes has at the end of a night out in town. Hearing a bit whooshy and funny and I'd that feeling of not quite being connected.

Left my drink and had new drink of only tonic. This would usually help but Instead of feeling better, I felt worse. Kept this to myself as didn't want to ruin anyone else's night. Only when someone pointed out they preferred the wee dumpy Britvic bottle to the Schweppes, did it click! Wait a mo'. Don't usually feel as bad as this - different make of tonic water? DH and his friend had been going up for the drinks, and pouring tonic in there and then. Thus I hadn't seen different bottle.

Once home looked up the web and sure enough, Preservative - sodium benzoate is the culprit. Cadbury's (Schweppes) is open about what is in their drinks - no SB in their slimline. Robinson's (Britvic) less open and this is noted in several of the articles. Britvic does though contain SB though they won't say in what quantity, just that it adheres to the suggested limits.

Next Monday will insist on the Schweppes or change my drinks entirely.

PS still feel wobbly this morning. PF of 250 instead of the 300 of late. Hands a bit shaky and I feel decidedly cold. No medical advice being asked for, please note. Just stating a fact. GP is about five minutes up the road and will be putting in request for repeat prescription later today. If still like this, will ask to be seen.

Edit: to add PS.

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I have a problem with additives in soft drinks. I can't tolerate Aspartame or Green Colouring (I believe E110). Apartame gives me a violent headache with a hangover effect & Green Colouring a full blown Asthma attack.


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