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Tired since last week

Is it just me or is the present damp and dreich weather making you feel exhausted?

I thought my asthma came under 'Well controlled' as there have been no bouts of coughing for months.. but...puff...I'm out of breath.. just climbing two flights of stairs if carrying a tray...or folding the washing.

Meanwhile DH vacuums, cleans out cat litter and doesn't let me bend for unloading dishwasher etc. Still happy to let me go for the weekly shop and lift it back in to the house (myself) or walk me at a gallop up the road and round our small town - for healthy exercise (he says). Guess he's not quite clear on what you can, and what you cannot, do if one has asthma* and get a bit out of breath.

*I'm not about to correct him on the housework element.

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Hi Moira , sound like you have your OH well trained, but not enough to let you rest, or does he carry the whip ;D.

Sorry to hear your having probs, but I don't like the idea that you get so out of breath just climbing the stairs. Are you still on the Beclometasone 100, thats a low dose, and as you seem to post regularly of breathing troubles, I'd go back and see about having that increased or possibly adding Serevent to the daily meds, and see if that would make a difference. The serevent is similar to the ventolin, but works for 12 hours or so, and you take that as 1 or 2 puffs twice a day, along with your steroid inhaler. If that proves effective, then the sensible approach is to then swap to seretide which is a combination of the two, and you just keep the ventolin for emergency relief, or pre-exercise if thats what you require.



I have been feeling similar for a few months but it turns out from blood tests that I am actually vitamin B12 deficient as well as asthmatic! Started injections last Friday so hopefully the breathlessness will ease off. It has been confusing though as I have not been sure if being breathless has been caused by the B12 thing or my asthma.

If you feel really physically tired and all achey as well as the breathlessness you should go see your doctor, incase you also have something like this working on you


Asthma review letter came today. Appt. with asthma nurse in four to six weeks time. I will see how it goes this week and might bring the appt closer if I can.

Going round town with daughter today, something in Primark had me coughing and coughing. Stood in a corner and sooked my Ventolin. OK after about ten minutes.

I needed more later as, too early for our train, daughter said was it ok if we went to Internacionale. I thought it was one of the shops in the station, maybe next to Superdrug, but no. Through station itself and down the steps, I was walking through Glasgow's Heilan Man's Umbrella before I thought about it - Hope Street at one end had the worst air pollution on record at one time. Thankfully they have rerouted the traffic over the past few years but enough dust gathers to start me off.


granny mo

having it abit rough with my asthma and when out with hubby and family have to let them go off without me.Have to stay in most of time at the moment as im on two crutches with leg in a cast,and getting aroung is hard and exsausting and left breathless with my asthma aswell.I feel so tired and sleepy all the time as if been busy at work but I havent.Ive put it down to my 7 weeks holls and more weeks of work to come.the days seem so long sitting around son and his girlfriend have given me a job turning up 4 lots of school trousers.x


GrannyMo, ask for a peak flow meter (these are available on prescription) when you go for your asthma review. Even if you have mild asthma, it might help to use one of these, as well as going on symptoms to keep tabs on control. x


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