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complimentary therapys advice needed

hi all

have been looking into complimentary therapies , an noticed on a local osteopaths website , they say that (quote below!)

""(name of one of osteopaths) applies founding Osteopathic philosophies to improve health and help a wide range of conditions including asthma ""

before i decide on going ahead just wondered if anyone had seen an osteopath for their asthma or knew anything on this area including what they do if you where to go to them with asthma

thankyou in advance

lil tinx xx

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I thought I'd give it ago after my Nan kept suggesting it, and it made no difference. I found the actual treatment made my chest uncomfortable, and it lasted for a couple of days afterwards too. I stuck it out for 3 sessions, but decided not to continue. The osteopath I saw, also seemed to have little knowledge of asthma (despite claiming to on his website), and told me that taking my peak flow twice a day had probably made me have a fair few attacks.... He also said that my consultant shouldn't have put me on 40mg of Pred everyday, even after i expalined to him that if i didnt take it or lowered it I would be very ill.

I spoke to my consultant about it, and he suggested I didn't bother, but tried physiotherapy instead, which is amazing! (and its free on the NHS!!) I suggest you talk to your GP/consultant befor trying it, as they may be able to recommend either a good osteopath or maybe something else?

Everyones different, and when I tried it I was going through quite a rough patch with my asthma, so I wouldn't say not to try it!

Let us know how you get on?

Ally x


Haven't been to an osteopath. Did try acupuncture for asthma though, after having great success for pain relief on my shoulder. My acupuncturist said that she's had great success with another patient who was having to use Ventolin much less. However, I had 4 sessions with little success.


thankyou both its good to hear a mix of opinions and suggestions on anything thats worth a try xx



I had acupunture and chinese herbs, were good for a while however it was so expensive, if you can get a good deal i would say go for it!

Kel xx


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