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Vitamins nad suppliments

i've recently been told that it would be a good idea if i was to take some multivitamins to boost general health! and also some calicium tablets. i dont eat fish or dariy products and am experiencing britttle and thining nails and that calcium tablets would help protect my bones as im only 18.

I was basicaly wondering whether anyone else here takes either multi vitamins or calcium suppliments and could recommend ones to try as everytime i go into a shop to buy some i end up not bothering because there's to many to choose from, i feel like a kid in a sweet shop !

thanks in advance xx

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I know what you mean about massive choice! I take Centrum Advance (multi vit) and extra vit C. I was advised to avoid the cheaper supermarket brands of vits etc and buy leading brands (even though they cost more).

Re. calcium. It may be worth checking this out with your GP. I have calcium on prescription because I have Osteoporosis, the result (probably) of long-term use of steroids.


I was reccommended by my GP to take the womans ones meant for pregnant woman! But just to watch out that buying the important vitamines sepratly you get more than the multivitamines!


I take a multivitamin and a high does Vitamin C tablet per day, I'm a vegetarian so I had some trouble finding ones that contained no gelatin etc, I now get mine from a well known chemist, I don't know if I can say on here or if it will be classed as advertising? But it's Boot's anyway, if I'm wrong for posting that I apologise.

Anyway it has on the labels if it is suitable for veggies or for those who cannot have dairy products and the like and is easy to understand because like you I had not got a clue which ones to choose plus my veggie factor and also as a previous poster said, you can OD on Vitamin A and others.

New here :)

*Edit* a lady below said to avoid the cheaper ones, this is true for those cheapo vitamin shops you see knocking about and supermarkets, in my humble opinion also, but Boot's vitamins have won awards by independent bodies so that gives me confidence in them :)


I take Ad-cal D3 as prescribed by my GP etc for osteoporosis. I am lactose intollerant so have fortified soya milk, still each goat cheese etc Yogs (Dairy & soya ones too) as they are lower in lactose but have the calcium. I eat sardines, bones & all. There are some non dairy ( Non fish) sources of calcium. Dark Green Veg I think!

Plenty of fresh veg, a good balanced diet, low fat, high fibre, little red meat if any, fish, chick, but mainly veg dishes. Tonnes of fruit. I sit in the sun for a bit each day to get my Vit D. Most Margarines have Vit D in them.

I only top up on Vit C with zinc if I have a sore throat.

Therefore the only one I would suggest is Calcium and Vitamin D and where you get it from is your choice - GP if they will prescribe ( eg if you are allergic to fish Dairy or have a medical intollerance) or you can buy the Boots ones - I think they are Vegan friendly.


PS Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so any excess is tiddled out of your system! Too much can cause some minor problems.


If you are taking calcium supplements and your nails are thinning then you need to ask yourself some serious questions and consider having a chat with your GP. It is possible that you are not absorbing nutrients and minerals correctly from your gut.

Calicium is not absorbed into the bones if you do not have enough Vitamin D3, Magnesium and some Boron in your body.

Here in the West we drink vast amounts of milk, eats loads of dairy based on milk products and also take calcium supplements yet the levels of osteoporosis in the West is vastly higher than in Asia where osteoporosis is not only virtually non-existant but where they think drinking milk is disgusting.

Cow's milk is designed to turn a baby cow into an adult cow in about 3 months.

A really good product that combines calcium, magnesium, boron and D3 is Osteocare from Vitabiotics - their liquid fizzy version is very good but their chewable tablets, available from Boots, is the best bang for bucks as you can buy 3 packets for a tenner and if you take one tablet a day they should last you 90 days.

The dose is for 2 tablets per day, which is 45 days in 3 packets, but I listen to the heartscan blog doctor who advises just one calcium tablet per day as there is debate ongoing now whether the problem we have in the West with hardening arteries and heart attacks is from taking too much calcium which then clogs the artieries and is not absorbed into the bones due to people taking a lack of D3, Magnesium and Boron with their Calicium. Hence why Osteocare is a good product - Magnesium and D3 are vitally important as Calcium contracts muscles/arteries and Magnesium relaxes them whilst D3 allows both to be absorbed into the bones.

If you decide to take 2 tablets per day bear in mind that Calcium is only absorbed at about 100mg per hour in the body so a 400mg tablet needs 4 to 5 hours to be absorbed dependent on your own body, whether your stomach is full or empty and what type of tablet you take. You shoudl therefore split 2 tablets throughout the day with enough time for the tablets to be absorbed.

I cannot emphasise the importance of taking Magnesium and D3 with Calcium. People who take Calcium without Magnesium and D3 can end up with kidney stones or the Calcium just slowly begins to clog up the arteries.

Long-term posters on here know that I am a firm believer in D3 and Iadhere to the work of Professor

Michael Hollick from Boston School of Medicine and Dr. John Cannell of the VitaminDCouncil in the belief that a lack of D3 is a major cause of illness with one of those illnesses being asthma.

I am not a Doctor.


Oily fish - salmon, herring, mackeral, pilchards, kippers, sardines, - is really important for a healthy diet and life. You should eat at least 2 portions per week.

If you are female it is vital that you get your calcium and magnesium and D3 levels correct now and ensure the correct intake and absorbtion as studies have shown that women have until about age 21 to store up enough calcium and magnesium density in their bones that will play a MAJOR part in their post menopause lives from mid 40s through to the day they die.

Consider reading 'The Miracle of Magneiusm' by Dr. Carolyn Dean - google her.


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