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the stairs


i was just wondering , i have had difficulty using stairs recently ,

it started back at the end of january when i had a quite bad attack on the stairs at college , so from then on i took more of a precaution an went at my own pace, i still found them slightly more difficult than usual but managable without relivers most of the time , last month went on a open day type thing at a uni and had problems again that involved quite a lot of preventer and during this week i went on a resdidential at another uni , but had problems with the stairs again , i am usually ok with the stairs at home but i guess in comparison there is a lot less at home.

any ideas ? anyone else the same?

im not sure what to do ??


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go to the GP or asthma nurse; sounds like your asthmas not very well controlled, theres lots of other meds you can try to get you more controll!

Good luck!

ally x


thanks ally for quick reply , this was what i was thinking from other things i have read , will give them a call soon , thanks xx

i guess i was ind of not thinking about it properly and needed someone to confirm it ! ta again


<<any ideas ?>>

Use the lift. :p

Sorry, I'm joking, but yes, I have had and at the moment (horrid weather) am having the same problem. I live in uni halls of residence and the hall managers have told me I have to use the lift. Fine until we had a middle of the night fire alarm earlier this week and you can't use the lift and I'm not used to using the stairs... Not good.

Do you have problems with any other type of exercise? What about walking up hill for instance? If it is *just* the stairs and everything else is fine it could be more of a fear of having an attack which I suspect would make an attack more likely maybe, not sure on that? If it's with other more sustained exercise as well, then it would be worth seeing your GP/asthma nurse as that's a sign of poorly controlled asthma.


hi ratty

im still in sixth form college at the moment , but during the residential after te first day i was allowed to use the lift and they kept a close eye on me all of the time , but at my college it is only people who have broken bones ect and caretaker staff who are allowed a lift key so that is out, however if i do go to uni in september 2010 i guess i will have to do the same!

in answer to your question , its not just the stairs i have problems with but as i have to use them most often so i notice it more , i guess i can avoid exercise more. walking up a hill would be my worst nightmare and i don't do loads of excersise at all , i walk to college which is about 25mins away which is usually manageable, i use the wii fit but have regular breaks or i cant cope, also physical education (pe) is no longer a conpulsary subject so i dont actually do it any more but last year (in year 11) i did have problems niw an then wiht the pe lessons

sorry long post but ta for advice xx


cant get throught to doctors surgery tryed for ages its an automated system an it says call back at a less busy time ! x


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