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I might just come across a bit dippy when I ask this but I'm going to ask regardless

I'm fast approaching twenty and finding my asthma is getting gradually worse each year I suffered alot as a young child which through my early teens Was well controlled with the right medication only involving the odd splat! But the past three or so years it gets worse every year n

Just curious o see if Many others have experienced the same ??

Thanks xx

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Hey lil tinx, i know not bery promising for you, but i had a reasonable childhood and a stable-ish teenage bit and then bang this year (hitting 20) ive gone splat majorly!! Feel free to pm me if you like



Hi Lil tinx,

I was in the same boat, my asthma was relatively well controlled trough childhood and early teens, then turned 18 and things got bad! However now im old (23!) things have improved a good bit!

Feel free private mail me if you want




Hi liltinx

I have had asthma all my life, it was well conrolled as a child but it did stop me doing things, it got worse when I was 18 and was hospitalised for the first time. I hate to say this to you but I am now 46 and things have got worse as I have got older. But this isnt to say that you will go that way I know many people that had it bad in their late teens but are fine now, it is all about finding the right medication to suit you and keeping a close eye on changes so you can talk to your consultant about maybe needing to change your meds. Good Luck


Nlo I don't think you are dippy, I only developed Asthma at 9 years, like you occasional splat but otherwise managed well, then from the age of 18 it started to really go down, and by very early twenties was brittle.


hi im fern and my age is 10


It's not a dippy question - actually really good, got me thinking. I've been questioning the old folks, and I used to be quite bad before my teens then through my teens until recently it was almost gone with only a couple of slightly difficult times (colds or hay fever), last 7 months have gone really bad. I'm only 26!

My mum has generally deterioted over the years, getting older does always help. What's interesting is that she had a check on her lungs and they are all scar tissue from years of asthma, so not good news for us all that don't get to have a look...


Hmm, I don't know - think it varies for different people! My uncle had it badly as a kid but grew out of it totally; my grandfather had it his whole life. I've never had really bad asthma, have never been in hospital with it. When I was younger it was really pretty mild, and by the time I got to uni, I was feeling that it had essentially gone (though there were a couple - literally - of episodes of SOB and chest tightness and I always found stairs challenging - or maybe I was just unfit lol...)

This time round - and I reacquired asthma at 23 following swine flu - it is worse. It's not as bad as some, but it's worse than when I was younger and it doesn't respond to things it used to. It also managed to get worse a year after it came back, following a cold, and then kind of declined after that (though oddly my best peak flows had gone up even though the breathing was definitely worse - has been suggested that was age-related as PFs do increase with age up to a point, and also I was doing more singing). I have no idea if it getting worse is age-related or just due to how I acquired it. I had a nasty go of flu at 14 which did nothing at all to my chest, so maybe it is down to age. Odd thing is I didn't even have swine flu that badly, at least not to the point of being hospitalised; it was just like a normal nasty flu virus and left me not good for much for a bit.

Anyway sorry for rambling...that's been my experience, that it has got worse now I'm older; I just don't know if that's a coincidence.


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