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Is it possible I have been wrongly diagnosed?

two years ago i went to my gp complaining about being short of breath and chest pain. soon after i was diagnosed with adult onset asthma.

i was put on steroid medication and recently a long lasting beta agonist (sorry cant remember its name) so in effect I am on step three. However a few months ago i started exercising a lot and the short of breathness has completely gone. also i stopped taking my meds months ago (a different story) without telling my gp and i felt NO difference. last but not least, the chest pain only comes when i wake up, and has never stopped me from breathing properly. i recently spoke to my grandma and she said she has always had that chest pain due to her heart, but it is a harmless heart thing and her gp knows about it. she could not give me a term for her problem (she is very old) but i found out her sister has it too and my aunt. it is exactly the same symptoms i have too.

i have also NEVER been treated in hospital or A and E for asthma and have never had an ""asthma attack"".

so in conclusion i think it was wrong. my PF has always been above 450 to 500 so now im confused. how easy- if possible at all-is it to clear my medical diagnosis?

thank you all xxx

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Hi s_lizzie,

I would say, only time will tell. I have adult-onset asthma (for the last 25 years) and also atypical asthma where my PF does not reflect my symptoms/no wheeze. I have had spells (years) where the medication has worked well and my asthma is under control and then all of a sudden, my symptoms will start returning.

It may be that they gave you the correct medication for you that worked very quickly. (Lucky you if that is the case)

If I was you, I would get the chest pain checked out though.

I hope you do remain symptom free!!



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