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steroid inhalers question

ok so I have been skipping my doses for a while now. actually I havent taken them at all really and am now starting to suffer the effects. why? well because...

i have been told to take the brown inhaler morning and night.

it says on the package that if you forget a dose then you must skip it.

no i go to bed around 1am and i take it and then i wake up at 2pm the next day and dont take it, because i assume that it means when you wake up, i.e early in the morning???

so does anyone else have this problem of waking up late and not taking it, because it is technically not morning anymore and it says if you miss the dose then leave it?

sorry im just confused! :S

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Doesn't really mean morning and night as such. More that you take two lots with roughly ten to twelve hours between them. I take my preventer at 10 am in the morning and 1 am, at night.

Otherwise you're only getting half the protection, I'd think.

I'd ask your GP if you're not sure and getting symptoms.



Was told ny my Specialist that i must always take my Steritide inhaler twice a day as instructed. As it takes up to 2 weeks to build up steroids protection. Also to always take it till he tells me to stop but i got the feeling i wont be stopping. so its like taking tablets having to cbalance them out through the day.

hope you feel better soon.

take care

H Mama


You taje the steriod inhalers when you wake and before going to bed no matter what time fo day eithe rhappens. I have always been told that as long as ther eis a 12 hour gap bettween the doses unless told other wise then it doesn't matter when they are taken as long as it is up-on waking and before bed-time. It is important ot take the steriod inhalers twice in 24 hours unless doctors state other wise missing 1 dose every know and then doesn't seem to harm but constuntly missing a dose or both doses is damaging your lungs. Put your inhaler next to you bed and before getting out of bed and before gettin gin to bed take them is all I can say



I take mine when get up and when go bed.but more if asthma bad and put action plan in to Glynis xxx



thanks everyone for your replies!!!

just wanted to share something i just found while browsing online. it has confused me alot.....

here is the link:

scroll down to the section near the end of the page titled :free prescriptions


Why is it confusing? This condition is on the list of conditions that provides accss to free prescriptions. Asthma is not on this list.


oh... I just assumed that asthma was more serious than this condition and therefore deserved free prescriptions as if you skip them then you can die with asthma in some cases!!

i dont understand why asthma would not be on this list!


asthma doesn't get free prescriptions, where have u been this last few months...


Its possible to have both hypothyroidism and asthma together. If its all the same to you s_lizzie, I'll stick with the asthma. I have problems enough.


im sorry guys, but you all seem to have misunderstood me.

i KNOW that asthma doesnt get free prescriptions. i have it. of course i know.

what i DIDNT know was that some other diseases get free prescriptions. i assumed that the fight for free prescriptions was happening because you had to pay for ALL of them!!

im sorry if i offended anyone, i just hadnt realized. hope im making more sense now? :)


hi s_lizzie,

no need to apologise, think I should say sorry for my snappy remark.

Some conditions have had free prescriptions for 30 years or so, but asthma wasn't included on the original list and the list hasn't changed over the years.


From a government point of view I am not surprised given the number of people who have asthma. Perhaps a fairer way of doing it would be to have free prescriptions for asthma related medicine and pay for other medication. Just a very quick response on a Sunday afternoon! :)


My Hubby and I both have health conditions and each buy a years prepayment for prescriptions.I'm on 4 different meds a month so it pays, my Hubby is on 11 tablets a day and 2 sachets daily and infusions 8 weekly ( thank God these are free at £3000 a time!!). We find it cheaper to have a card but it would be fab if they were free, have tried nagging local MP.Fell on deafer ears than mine, quite hard if you knew me!!



Not if this might help anyone but if you get child tax credit and working tax credit you can get a tax dreit exemption card. Me and my husband get one every year in April/May and with it you get your prescriptions free all year no matter what you get on the prescription. But sadly you only get it if you are entitled to child-tax credit. Just thought i would share this to all you fellow asthmatics as it has helped me no end with my prescription charges and also thankfully my doctor is very kind to give me enough on my prescriptions to cover 3 months so I used to only pay once every 3 months for each item on the presription which back then was 2 items at £6.50 each and I would be getting 3 inhalers for the price of 1. If only all doctors were this kind. LOL



Can you get a beclametazone 250 in powder form?


Glynis, yes its Asmabec Clickhaler 50, 100, 250


free prescriptions

You cannot get free prescriptions if you receive child tax credit, only if you get working tax credit.(income below £16K)

Just thought I should clarify this point.


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