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a couples of questions. confused and worried :s

first of all i have a blocked nose, sore throat and lots of gunk in my eyes when i wake up. these symptoms however mostly only come on in the morning and evening.

i have had them for over a month.

is it a cold or hayfever?

i have taken antihistamines and they seem to work. but because i take them in the morning i dont know if my symptoms just get better of their own accord or because of the medicine because im back to having a blocked nose in the evening either way. also could it just be placebo effect?

however this morning i woke up at five am (the dog lol) and had a blocked nose and runny eyes and sore throat and took a pill, and when i woke up again at 9am i had no symptoms at all....

on the other hand, since a couple of days ago, my chest really hurts. it doenst seem to trouble my breathing too much- except im out of breath after climbing the stairs everytime, but apart from that its just the pain accross my chest. blue inhaler helps for about 5-10mins and then the pain is back!

will go to GP about both but cannot get appointment till wednesday so any advice would be great :) thank you all and sorry for the long post!!

Lizzie xxxx

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hi hun

My advise would be to call nhs direct or get to a&e.

I had to give in and ended up there


just to clarify

i am ok. i may need medical attention or A & E BUT i AM OK at the moment so no one needs to worry. this is following the post i read about ppl requesting urgent medical attention.

the reason i posted the above about the chest pain, is because apart from the pain i am actually ok. to be honest if i wasnt ok, i would not be on my laptop typing :) i would be getting professional help!

so once more, no one needs to worry, just wanted some advice thats all :)

thank you all !



It could be hayfever/rhinitis - colds should only last a few days. I used to think that my son had a continual cold until rhinitis was diagnosed and he is now treated with antihistamine and nasal spray. There is info on the AUK site about hayfever etc which you may find useful.

It's a shame you can't get an appointment sooner than Wed - try again and say it's important you see someone asap as you are an asthmatic and your reliever isnt working. They should fit you in.


Nose/throat/eyes could be hayfever. If you are worse in the evenings have you tried taking antihistamines then instead of morning to see if that helps? Not sure if sore throat would be from hayfever but could be if you have a lot of stuff from the back of your nose going down your throat?

Have you been coughing a lot cos that could cause chest pain due to muscles working hard? Or it could be hayfever and a cold together and maybe a chest infection? it's worth ringing your GP again (esp if you're using more inhaler than usual and struggling with stairs) and saying you're asthmatic... Have you checked peakflow? Sorry if you know that already but it wasn't mentioned in your post and GP would ask about it


Just to add, me and my son get sore throats with our hayfever, also bad headaches. But antihistamines help.


thank you all, those are very helpful suggestions!

i have just moved house and cannot find my PF reader anywhere in the the heaps of mess lol so i have no idea what my pf is!

you know when you are feeling absolutely terrible but you get so used to it that it does not feel that bad anymore and that if a ""healthy"" person were to feel the way you do they would think they were dying?

this is how i think i feel at the moment. reading my post about the inhaler not working and the stairs being hard, i sound really sick. yet to me it does not seem that bad? am i making sense?

the chest pain has now gone but has been replaced by mucus in the chest and a hacking cough that woke me up in the morning. will call practice in a few minutes and ask if they can fit me in today.

once again thank you for all the advice and ideas, will chat to GP and let ya all know! Feeling a little less alone because of all your kindness :)

Lizzie xxxxx


Sounds like hayfever to me. I have the same problem with it being bad in the morning and evening. I haven't found a solution for it yet. If I don't take antihistamine in the morning I feel dreadful by early afternoon but it wears off in the evening. I get blocked ears, sinuses, headache as well as lots of gunk in the back of my throat which makes me wheezy. I have had to double my preventer since hayfever started. Hope you managed to see the doctor.


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