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Hi everyone. I have not been to the dentist for three years and finally went last week.

I had to do a lot of work on my teeth as you can imagine and we decided to work on the right hand side that day and then go back next week and do all the work that is needed on the left side.

I only got diagnosed with asthma 4 months ago. When i went to dentist last week and he started drilling me and doing some fillings, i was surprised to feel myself wheezing quite badly!! the thing is I have never wheezed before and am classed as a non-wheezer. but there it was. none of us could hear it (was a noisy drill and the radio was on too) but i could FEEL it in my lungs.

I said nothing and miraculously it slowly eased and by the time he was done, I was feeling ok again. I was really glad as the dentist is in the same building as my gp and I was imagening a nebuliser etc being used because i would not have been able to use my inhaler as my mouth had been injected and gone numb.

i am now going again on monday and am really scared!!! has this happened to anyone else? was it an allergic reaction? is it cause i was lying down? im not scared of dentists so i dont think it was fear that caused it.. and whats this all about wheezing all of a sudden??

sorry for the long post!! thanks guys in advance~!


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not sure what could have caused it, but i went to the dentist last week and was strugglnig with my asthma at the time. She was very good and told me to signal to stop if it became a problem, but thankfully i managed to cope ok.

The only thing i could suggest is warning the dentist what had happened last time- he will probably be understanding and tell you to let him know if it happens again- like mine was. You could pre-empt it by taking your reliever inhaler 15minutes before you see the dentist so that its already working before you go in? However if it does trigger again dont keep quiet about it- if you need nebs you need nebs, it doesnt always need to be dramatic, but if its the best way to deal with the situation and the Drs want to treat you that way then just go with it :)

Fingers crossed you dont react again this time x


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