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Doctor's Letter NOT recognised by the Benefits Agency

It looks like I could be homeless before Springtime,

or moved into a one-bed flat at the risk of our marriage breakdown.

The Benefit Agency does not recognise the letter from my doctor as being valid.

I suffer with night-time asthma which disturbs my husband.

My children moved out of the family home six years ago, so Mr Ladybirdflies stopped sleeping on the sofa and moved into one of the bedrooms. We moved out of London for health, safety and well-being reasons and our landlord wanted the property back because it was under-occupied. All the landlord could offer as a replacement was a one-bed flat of their choice.

I really don't think that our marriage will survive if my husband was forced to sleep on the sofa again.

We are both in our fifties and just want to settle.

This is a worry for me and my night-time asthma is now with me during the day, too.

This is not going to be a good year for me....

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