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Virgin Active Gym Membership Issues

Thought I would make everyone aware of my trip to join Virgin Active gyms (Tower Hill branch) today. On joining I was asked to fill out a medical form. On filling out the form in ""Any other issues about your health"" I wrote, ""Asthmatic - takes Salbutamol inhaler as and when required"". I was then told by the joining assistant that if I write anything on that form I will need to get a doctors letter as proof I am able to exercise. I was given the option to fill out another blank form and miss that bit off.

I'm 26, have been an international athlete from the age of 14-19 and my asthma is under control through self management. I have also been a member of Fitness First and Nuffield Health gyms to both of which I declared Asthma and heard nothing else. I'm pretty sure when I'm signing the contract to join I'm taking responsibility for any issues that occur in the gym (i.e. the global get our clause for all gyms) - so I don't see why there is an issue. I would like Asthma to be recorded on their records in case of any issues in the gym - but feel that a doctors letter is going OTT.

It seems that Virgin Active will give you two options - declare you are asthmatic and have to get a doctors letter or lie on the form and sign a form which states - ""All of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge"" (or very similar).

Just wanted to raise this - the manager of the club is going to speak to her regional manager today so I will update on any progress. Has anyone else been treated like this?

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I have been a member of Virgin Active for just over a year now. I have unfortunately been unable to use the facilities so have had my membership frozen meaning I only pay a fiver a month. I emiled them before my current freeze was due up eplaining why I cant use the facilities and got no reply. The next month they took the full amount to which I really couldn't afford as I am not working now due to my asthma. They did eventually reimburse me the fee but now need a doctors letter to proove I can no longer go! This letter is goig to cost £25 but I suppose will be cheaper in the long run. I don't think Virgin cater for people other than those who are perfectly healthy as I have been treated like a fraud. Hope you get some answers from them!



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