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Second opinion,points that i,m not Asthmatic?

Hello, went yesterday for a full histamine test, horrible, i may say.Second Opinion!The tests showed yesterday that my breathing responded well to all the tests!

However my breathing was very rapid, which clasified me as being chronically Hyperventilating!!!

I still have one more exercise test to do, plus i have to see doctors full report, but i,m now confused!

I was diagnosed with Asthma last year, due to family link, plus, reacurrent chest infections, etc, etc, what happens now?

She said that i will probably have to continue meds(Foradil, qvar, Xzal, singulair), as the chest infections are a different matter and still need to be dealt with!

The other thing is , that my three year old has been put on meds , partly due to symptoms ofcourse, also, family link, now that seems to be changing, will they need to re-assess her!

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If you recognise that you hyperventilate and suffer from asthma then there is a good chance you can cure it using the Buteyko Technique.

There's a web article worth reading here:

If you just make an effort to breathe less and less all the time (only through the nose and don't mouth breathe at night), and learn that a little breathe goes a long way you will soon get the idea.

Children should be encouraged to breathe only through the nose and not hyperventilate. If you check them at night and they are mouth breathing try and gently shut their lips and you will notice them go over to their nose (provided it is not blocked).


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