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COPD or Asthma ?

Hi All,

I'm just looking for a lil' adivce really. I seem to have had (along with some others on here)- a little advice. I have always been told by my docs that I have mild excercise asthma- controlled predominantly by blue inhaler , brown when cold/chest infection. However during yesterdays' consultation I noticed on my doctors notes that they have described me as having COPD - something which I thought concerned people generally in their 40's with a strong smoking habit- a real serious condition !! . I train 4 times a week plus cycle 5 times a week so I really thought this wouldnt apply to me !

Anyone else had problems with inaccurate doctors notes ?- My GP is really gruff and unhelpful so I thought I'd gather some advice here.

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I think personally at times the medical people hide things from you so they dont scare you and only tell you what you need to know. Not sure if this is correct but it is certainly how it feels at times.


COPD and Asthma are related, and treated in a similar way using common medication, but the two are distinguished by a spirometry test. COPD IIRC generally produces lower FEV6 and a faster drop-off.

I know someone with COPD, and he has never smoked, and had his 90th birthday last week, but has a O2 tank by his bed, and has a strict set of exercises to do daily, but is generally well, walking the dog daily etc, so it's not easy for use to decide what we have.

If you manage with just ventolin and beclometasone, then you are lucky and have easily controlled symptoms. I was told everyone gets exercise induced asthma by my GP. But like you keep myself fit and highly active, but require more meds than you, so I wouldn't really worry what they call it, just as long as it's controlled, and you can carry on with your normal life without symptoms.



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