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Advice needed please


After many years of having a couple of Ventolin inhalers hanging around ""just in case"", I unfortunately joined the ranks of fully signed up asthmatic this May. I had a big attack out of the blue and ended up spending a week in costa (think thats what you call it on this site!).

Since then I have been prescribed seretide and ventolin (after a few weeks of steroids as well).

Had a reasonable few months with a few wheezy moments but nothing serious.

Over the last two weeks have been taken to a&e twice, kept in a few hours, nebulisers, steroids etc and then sent home with more steroids.

Problem is - doctor at hospital advised me to maybe get a portable nebuliser at home - told me to see my GP asap. Cannot get an appointment at my surgery for love nor money. Have explained to receptionist situation - no joy. Even burst into tears on the phone - made of stone!

I now feel as if I am making a fuss about nothing. I am monitoring my pf every day. It's usually between 200 - 250 at the moment should be about 350 (my best) but I also have a chest infection (I think?) coughing all night, lots of muck on chest.

So now I'm tired (no sleep due to coughing) and worried (why do I need a nebuliser?)

Sorry to go on but feel someone out there must understand how I feel.

Hints and tips please on getting past receptionists!


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hi maddie

can you not call your health centre in the morning usually about 8.30 or so and get an appointment for that day,most h/centres and surgeries do that now(mine does)i mean we dont know when we will be ill so if ive had a really bad night i can call first thing in morning and usually manage to get seen that day,its worth a try and will help put your mind at rest, anne


Hi Maddie

Try calling your GP surgery and get the doctor to call you back, then you can discuss it over the phone.

GP's are reluctant to prescribe home nebulisers, as using your blue ventolin inhlaer through a spacer (about 10 puffs) is as effective as a nebuliser.

You should perhaps ask your GP for a referal to a consultant to discuss your asthma needs and see if they can achieve better control

Hope this helps

Truly x


Home nebs needs careful management plans to go with them. Even those who have had one at home for years will know when they can neb and when they have to go in guidelines that will be set by resp consultant. Your GP should have a PA try calling the surgery and talking to them it is often a route around the dragon receptionist. It may be worth asking to speak to the practice manager about not being able to get appt. There are targets surgeries must meet and patient may soon be asked to rate their GP's so most surgeries are trying harder to get things straight. Ask for a referal to a resp consultant before buying your home neb as many places will provide one if they think they think you need one and you can get a proper treatment plan to keep you safe and well during an attack.



Thanks for advice everyone. Did finally get to see a doctor and she put my mind at rest and said that she would rather I came in to the surgery or go to a&e if breathless as its better monitored than at home. Just think I panicked when the hospital said I needed one at home!


Maddie, lovely name by the way my 16 year old daughter is called Madeleine and we use Maddie (spelt with the ie too) for everyday use or just Mads :) I am glad you got to see your GP and for what it is worth I think you GP was spot on with her advice. Please go in if you are at all unwell asthma is nasty beast sometimes roaring all over the place and being a right pain and other times it lies quiet, never take it for granted and make sure you have plenty of inhalers (ask your GP for a one off script of 3 or 4 so you have one in bag, one in car, one by bed and a spare in cupboard) around so there is always one handy when you need it

I hope you feel better soon.



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