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Hi Everyone,

My question has nothing to do with asthma, but with information on other sites.

I've been a member of this site for about a year now and whilst I haven't actually posted a lot I have got a great deal of information and advice from reading other people's posts.

My father has just been diagnosed the Coronary Heart Disease and is now on a waiting list for a bypass operation. The problem is, being a man he hasn't asked what he should or shouldn't do whilst he is waiting for his operation. I also want to find out more about the condition and how I can help him. All sites I have visited are so technical.

Does anyone know of any websites with useful forums such as this one where I can find out information.

Thank you in advance, and thanks for all the info over the last year.


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  • try the british heart foundation website for info not sure about forums

    hope your dad doesn't have to wait too long



  • Wot Scampy said.

    Also patient.co.uk has a lot of useful resources on it on a huge range of subjects.

    Best wishes to your dad, hope all goes well.

  • Thanks for your help. Will try both those sites.

  • not sure if any one has mentioned this but the british heart foundation is very useful

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