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Inhaler medication

A few weeks ago i had to go along to my local asthma clinic for a check up and was informed that i was border line for COPD. I was informed by the nurses at the clinic that i had to change my medication, i was taken off of seritde and put onto Symbicort Turbohaler, i would like to tell you all out there i have not looked back it works a treat. My chest is not as tight, i can breathe a lot easier,i dont get out of breath as much, in short its a god-send. I suggest that if you find your inhalers arent doing you any good, go along to your Asthma clinic and ask about Symbicort, I am so happy with it, and too think i could of used this a long time ago i would of been even happier. To finish i would like to thank the nurses at my local Asthma clinic for the great job they do.

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Good stuff tomas, glad the new inhaler seems to have helped so much.


glad to hear your doing better, had the same effect once i was put on atrovent :D


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