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Hi there,

As you know I'm fairly new to all this and I thought I would read all I could about asthma and allergies. Having admitted to myself that I've probably had these for a very long time, and that I need to identify causes and triggers and try and reduce them as much as possible - i.e. in diet and other aspects of my lifestyle.

Can you recommend any books that give good, practical advice on living with asthma/allergies, how to identify triggers, etc.?

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Asthma UK have some incredible resources that you can order for free under the publications link. It really is worth getting hold of some and having a good read.

Take care and good luck in getting to grips with your asthma.


Hi Gamba, This was covered fairly recently. Go to the 'Search' box on the left of this page and type in 'Books' - this will bring up the recent post (think it was about 17 August).


Ah, I missed that thread somehow. Thanks.


That's ok! As an information librarian (in my previous life - Before Son) I followed the thread with interest!! I saw a stand of books in the chemist recently, and one was on Asthma/Allergies - when I went back to make a note of the title (for the thread) it had gone! I'll check what the series is when I'm next in the chemist and let you know.


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