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Bad time of year

Hi there. I know there's a few people here who aren't enjoying the winter.

Usually I'm bad in the summer, with pollen, but a few weeks ago I got a chest infection and although antibiotics seemed to clear it up I'm still v tight and breathless and a trip to the hairdresser's just set me off again.

I'm just complaining I suppose. Feeling a bit sorry for myself and hating my asthma. Nothing much seems to help except hammering away at the ventolin, and I feel I'm going backwards because I'm not getting as much exercise as usual.

Any tips for staying well?

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Hi Gamba. My lungs are realy grumpy at the moment and puffed out and had 2 bad goes today ! Got pred in if need it but trying manage on my meds and increased seretide and easyhaler. Use a scarf if go out to warm air up before goes in lungs xxx


Hi Glynis.

Thanks xx think it's time I had a med review... Or a holiday in the Med... :-)


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