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Asthma, panic, what?

Hi there. I posted a while back because I'd been signed off for 3 weeks because of stress/asthma.

My 3 weeks off made a big difference and was just resorting to ventolin now and then as opposed to every day.

I'd only been back at work for a few weeks when they said they were making me redundant. I've been there less than a year and my asthma's not really bad so it's not like it's covered by law. I'm on seretide and ventolin, nothing more.

When I get really stressed I can't breathe, for days. It's the whole cough, gasping, lungs full of dust feeling. The last few days have been hellish again - am running out of blue inhalers!

Should I be looking at this kind of thing as a panic attack or is it asthma? It only goes away if I have 4 or 5 puffs, but then it stays away for a few hours.

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Am I right in asuming tht a panic attack woud affect your breathing but wouldn`t give you a cough?

seretide and ventolin inhalers, is one of these a reliever and one a preventer?

I am new to asthma medication

Hope you feel better soon


Hi Joan. Ventolin's a reliever. Seretide is a preventer with a steroid and long acting reliever combined.


thanks for the info gamba

have you phoned the asthma uk nurse on the free phone line - they are brilliant and helped me so much?


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