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Waiting time for asthma nurse appointment

Hi all,

My asthma isn't nearly as severe as many people on here, but I do get odd blips with colds etc, and so I'm very diligent about keeping track of symptoms and making sure that I'm taking medication properly. However, I've recently moved house and GP surgery, and have been told that the earliest appointment I can get with an asthma nurse (at my local surgery) is in 6 weeks time! Is this normal?

The reason I was making the appointment, was that the GP had prescribe pred after a cold that affected my breathing. At my old surgery (which admittedly was fantastic) I'd have had an appointment within a week maximum and under these circumstance, often the same day.



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Might it be that at your new surgery it is more normal for patients to see their GP about any problems and the asthma nurse just for a routine yearly checkup? This is the case at my surgery. Could you try to get an appointment with your new GP instead?


Please don't wait that long. Go to see the GP.


make an appointment with your new g.p you can't wait that long and shouldn't have to .


That seems a bit excessive. You shouldn't have to wait that long. I agree with the others that it might be worth trying to see your GP to get set up and 'known'.

Once you're on board and they know you, hopefully it'll be easier to get access to the help when you need it.

Good for you for keeping good control of your asthma, by the way.



Thanks for the support everyone. Just needed to know I wasn't being unreasonable! Made an appointment to see GP early next week.


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