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I've been reading everyones posts for a while and thought I'd say hi and do a bit more than read. I'm a 20 year old severe asthmatic and having a bit of a rubbish time at the minute, which is doubly annoying as i'm in my last year of uni and its really important I don't miss loads!

My uni has been pretty good but I really don;t want to retake the year or get a rubbish grade because I missed to much.

Was sort of interested if anyone is in a similar situation? Feeling pretty isolated (though trying not to let it get me down) :).


p.s could anyone explain osteopina to me. Can it be reversed?

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Yeah, I had something in place for exams last year though luckily I didn't need to use it.

My friends are pretty good although on my last attack one of them sort of froze and didn't know what to do. (I explained it to him when I was better and I think hes a bit happier now)

The osteopina was diagnosed after a dexa scan last year but with everything else health wise I haven really had a chance to talk about it with the docs....

Sorry your in hospital. Hope you get out soon. I've (touch wood) been out for a week and a half now so fingers crossed I won't be captured for a while!



Don't know if this will help you as I expect you will have all this in place as you are in your final year. Make sure that your tutors are aware of your situation and keep them updated when you are having problems or think things are on a downward spiral. Make sure if you miss lectures you are able to get a trusted friend to make notes for you and tell you if any exam/assessment information has been given. Also ask several people, I got caught out on this where a so called friend did not tell me important material that was going to come up in an exam and did not revise it as thought it was not important and it was in the exam.... Try and make sure all assessment work is in on time or arrange an extension on the deadline. Get an extenuating circumstances form submitted if you know you are having problems. For exams make sure you have the necessary arrangements in place with the uni e.g. able to leave room in asthma attack without penalization or in separate area if you have bad coughing fits/wheezing etc, extra time if needed. If you have any issues with tutors not playing ball go and speak to the universities disability advisors and get them to sort the tutors out. I missed quite a large chunk of my final year did not help my degree was fast tracked and completed in 2 years. Only thing I can say is make sure you meet your deadlines for assessment work and work closely with your tutors. I was lucky as my personal tutor was the head of the department so things went smoothly as he could put things in place quickly, needed this as degree was not completed in the normal way.



Sounds like I'm in the same sort of boat as you! I'm 21 in my 3rd year of uni and have severe asthma too.I'm half aseep right now but feel free to PM me on here if you like and we can share stories/tips ect.



Thanks so much for all your advice.

I've spoken to my personal tutor about putting more steps in place and shes been more than a little bit helpful, makes me feel a lot more confident and means I'm worrying less.

Had a sofa day today but will hopefully make it up to campus tomorrow!



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