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ater two seven day spell in local hospital because of above, I have finished course of iv antibiotics, now have been given a nebulizer three times a day for next six weeks ,using salamol steri neb. then physio this has to be done by husband .then morning and night mixing Colomycin with 4mls Sodium Chloride , this is all new to me. but feel that some thing is being done at last. My PCT have a team of trained nurses who come in to home twice a day to administer my last course of antibiotics which is much better less stressful for my self and husband. and as I am told I am a ""carrier"" for this nasty bug I am hoping this option is offered to me rather than spend all of my time in hospital. should re occur. do other PCT do this? we had to cancel two holidays though illness so this time armed with nebulizer and phials off we go . I am finding that I am very tired is this normal ? think I was expecting to have more energy. does this make sense ?



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