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Hi I wonder if anyone else has experienced problems with booking a holiday in a static caravan with a welll known company ? I booked two weeks last december I did this on line had to contact them as I have mobility problems. there was nothing mention to me if we required a ""smoking/nonsmoking "" accomadation, why would I ask because I foolishly thought all accomadation was nonsmoking, how wrong was I ? we went to reception and nothing else available this was now after 6pm so we went back opened all the windows and doors for as long as we could as it was dropping dark and cold. and the smell of stale cigerette smoke was in every room , during the night I had a asthma attack and was quite poorly, next day again tried reception I said there was no way we were spending another night in the van. the alternative was another ""smoking van "", assess was not good either to this van. My husband phoned the company help line by this time I was very distressed. about 1hour later they phoned back offered us no smoking but we had to move 40 miles down the coast, not ideal but we had no option.I checked on web site of the company and it says nothing about smoking, so remember to ask when booking and don't assume like we did.

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So sorry bout your stressful experience. Thanks for the warning!


Thanks for the tip. I think something similar has come up before. There was a programme (Watchdog??) recently and they did an item on lack of cleaning of holiday caravans - the cleaners werent given enough time to clean caravans before new holiday-makers arrived. It was a well known hol company but I cant remember the name.

We stayed in a caravan when I was about 10 - I had a major asthma attack and we had to go home early. My mother said the caravan was very dusty which she thought triggered the attack.

On the smoking front, we ONLY stay in places that are non-smoking.


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