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Inhaler runs out and no doc available...

I was out of town the other weekend, and staying in a friends house which naturally was a bit of a trigger, so much so that the almost empty inhaler I'd taken with me became an empty inhaler by Sunday morning, so no doctor and no prescription. Trying the local chemist for a refill, he accepted but at a charge of 10 quid (one ventolin inhaler) which seemed a reasonable price to be able to breathe and nowhere else was open.

So, does anyone know what the rules are regarding this?

Is it really allowed?

What's the fee structure? Do they just charge what they feel like?

Can I get a renewable prescription? One I just carry around and can use when I need a new inhaler?

I suppose I could have gone to an A&E but waiting there for a couple of hours and wasting the time of people who are quite clearly busy enough for something so minor is a bit ridiculous.

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I've never been charged if I've needed an inhaler and haven't got a prescription. I usually take my repeat prescription with me so that they can see or I go to my local chemist (who know me and can sort stuff out with my GP).

I've not done this for a while though, I'm slightly more organised at the moment.


You could also have been seen at the out-of-hours GP clinic and got a prescription for the inhaler - even if it wasn't your own GPs, you could be seen as a temporary resident.

Otherwise you did the sensible thing.

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to the charges question.


I have 2 ventolin inhalers per time on my prescription just in case something drastic happens, as it did once for me and I was left with no ventolin inhaler. When I go away for more than a day I make sure I take all my medication, just in case my condition deteriorates even though I may feel quite well before I go.


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