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Raising money in memory of Little Cameron - We need your help (WARNING - POTENTIALLY SENSITIVE INFO)

My two year son lost his life to asthma if Febrary this year. The pain's still overwhelming but we're focusing on raising money for Asthma UK in the hopes it may prevent someone else going through this heart ache.

My husband and 17others are taking part in our local sponsored walk off 22 miles on 26th May. We're holding a firefighters Car wash in June and a Charity Ball in July, then on the first of August a team of firefighters including my husband are hoping to complete the three peaks in 24hrs. We're doing all of this to riase money for our little boy and for those that can't donate to us in person we've set up a justgiving page for him. We've already got over two thousand pounds in sponsors between us but with your help we might be able to get a bit more.

So if yourself or you know anybody that might be interested in donating into Cameron's Fund with Asthma UK please go on to this page justgiving.com/teamcameron there is a phot of him and some of his details.

we are very grateful for any donations and thank you for taking the time to read this and please pass this address on.

Thank you



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GOD BLESS YOU my heart is with you I am so sorry for your sad loss and I hope everything goes well with your sponserd events take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, I am so sorry for your loss. Well done for all your fund raising efforts - I hope they all go well.

Take care

Em H


Hi Gemma,

My heart goes out to you and your family.

It's tough losing a child. I know because we lost our first one a long time ago. He was only a baby, and, although he didn’t die from asthma it was partly because I suffered from asthma during labour that he arrived in a poor state and later on lost the battle to live. It must be even worse if your child is older.

I think you and your family are doing a very positive thing by focusing upon your son’s memory to raise money for a truly worthy cause.

Good luck on the three peaks -Ben Nevis/Scafell Pike/Snowden - remember it well. I did this event with a few others in 2001 for charity (Not AUK that time but for MS for sis in law who suffers from this condition ) One of the funny memories is that of arriving in Llanberis at 3.00am and having to dodge all the sheep asleep in the middle of the road on the Llanberis pass. Quite difficult with no street lighting. Another one was having to walk down a hill backwards some days later cos legs were still so stiff! ( Rather arrogantly assumed that because I was a fit marathon runner would find this event a piece of cake!) So be careful of sleepy sheep and make sure you all get lots of leg massage ASAP after the event!

Lots of love,




god bless ur little boy

ive only just joined the forum as i knew nothing about it until recently.ive just read ur story and id like 2 give u my heart felt sympathy.my little man is 3 now and was diagnosed with asthma at eleven months.hes had 2 sevre astma attacks and been rushed 2 hospital both times each time i thought i was going 2 loose him.he also suffers febrile convulsions when he gets a temp so as u can guess i live my life threw him.i cant pretend 2 imagaine how u must feel only know how i would feel if it happened 2 me.if theres anything i can do 2 help please dont hesitate 2 talk.take care and be happy in ur memories.lisasxxxx


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