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Possible causes of flare up at other people's house's

Hi, I've had asthma my whole life (19), but in recent years it's rarely a problem. What I have found out is that whenever I visit other people's homes it will get pretty bad very quickly, and can catch me off guard which is annoying. I first get an incredibly itchy nose and find it almost impossible not to sneeze constantly as well as itchy eyes and then the tight chest as it were.

In some cases I can put it down to pets or smoke or anything, but in some places I go to the house is spotless, not cleaned prior to my visit (no dust in the air) and they have no pets or anything.

What I would like to know is what could possibly be causing these flare ups, it's gotten to the point where I spend 2/3 hours at my Aunts or Grandmas and I end up feeling ill for the next 3/4 days because of it. Any ideas are fully welcome and of course if anyone else has had similar experiences I would love to hear from you.


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i believe that pet danda( that is what causes the allergy) can stay in a house for up to 18months! so if you are visiting where pets have been or pets live & they have just put them outside then you can still be affected!

i went to a house warming where the previous owner had cats & dogs, it was about 2 months after she had left i was really poorly! I have become a social relcluse! I dont visit anyone who has pets at all! I cannot drive now due to being so unwell & friends who have the dogs in their cars cannot give me lifts!

hope this helps


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