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omron eite or pari boy mobile?

Hi everyone

Sorry if this is duplicated elsewhere but couldnt find anything.

I am trying to choose a new portable compressor neb after my freeway freedom is slowly dying but it is no longer being made. I love this neb and the power of it and although i do have the freeway elite which i love for in my handbag i want another powerful compressor like the freeway freedom so i can take it away.

Does anyone have the omron compair elite? If so how powerful is it ie how many litres per min is flow rate? and also how good is the battery?

Or does anyone have the Pari boy mobile neb and again how powerful?

Obviously there is a big difference in price but i would rather pay more and it last me if its worth it or is the omron elite just as good?

The freeway freedom from what i can remember from the manul runs at 5.8 lpm so would ideally like something of similar power.

Any advice gratefully received.


Sarah x

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Hello Sarah,

I have got the Pari Boy Mobile, from Evergreen nebulisers!

I too mourned the sad demise of the freeways. I have a small freeway micro elite but not impressed by it.

The Pari is quite good and a good work horse, battery last 5 nebs.

Only got it a few weeks ago.

My other neb is an Omron Microair.

Hope this helps



I would definitely go for the pari over the omrom one! The pari is much more powerful!


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