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New member! ^_^

Hi all,

I was dianosged with mild asthma last summer and still gettin use to my evohaler and controlling my breathing wen i can. I am now in my early 20s and current in my 2nd yr of uni,so the communting by train can be somwat chaotic as it can trigger my asthma at times. is there any recommendations from anyone who may of experienced or have experience in this situation? i tend to find it difficult to eat mostly at nite feeling short of breath and the usual small coughin symptoms and not have enough energy to talk sometimes. I really would like to find any other alternatives to keep my asthma more in control while i am still young and for a future family which i am also fearing about.

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Hi LC009, Welcome!!

I've only recently been diagnosed with asthma (May of this year) so I'm not nearly as qualified to offer advice as most members here. But I think most people would probably recommend that you go see either your GP or Asthma Nurse and discuss the fact you feel that your asthma maybe isn't under as good control as it should be. You mention that you can at times be short of breath at night and sometimes find it difficult to speak and those are two signs of asthma not being in control. You may need to have your medication changed so it may be best for you to visit your doctor or asthma nurse asap to get things checked out.

I hope that helped and that you can get things sorted soon. Good luck!!


Hi LC009 and welcome to the site

Like Lanibob I am also new to asthma and cannot give advice I would just like to say I agree with everything Lanibob has said.

Take care and good luck



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