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Spoke to soon :0(

Well theres me being all clever and thinking i've got away with it.

I have now developed a cough. Nobody at work understands & i'm so glad its Friday tomorrow.

Congestion is horrible, it causes so many problems (she says typing away with her head stuck in a bowl of hot water.....BLISS!!)

Steam is the best healer!! I'd be ok if i could walk around at work with my head stuck in a gold fish bowl full of steam.

I talk on the phone most of the day. By 5pm i'd run out of breath. I just couldn't be bothered to talk. Felt very shaky this afternoon, which nearly caused a panic attack, thanks god for Kalm tablets.

Peak flow hasn't dropped, its still at 450 (which is my norm)

Hopefully by the weekend i would of got over it & will be feeling a little more normal than this week.

Thanks for listening

Julie x

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Hi Julie

Hope you are feeling ok and it doesn't drop:-)

From another Juliex


Oh dear, am glad its Friday tommorow for you, hope you feel much better very soon. If you start to feel edgy or panicky try to focus on your very favourite thing/place of all and say positive things to yourself(in your head) like hang on in there and this horrible feeling will dissipiate. Or find a task that you like doing that takes concentration or moves the focus of your thinking to something less scary. Feel really sorry for you its horrible feeling wheezy and then shaky.

HUGE HUGS, hope you feel better soon and its very nearly the weekend, take good care, love Lois xx


Its weird cos since i've got home and breathed in 6 bowls of steam i've felt so much better. And i've moved a lorry load of congestion *sorry*.

I've just ordered a humidifier from argos. Its not coming until Monday, but hopefully will help in the future if i have it on every night.

I've struggled through work this week. I'm supposed to be teaching at the stables saturday 2-4pm & sunday 9.30am - 1.30pm. I don't think my lungs will cope shouting for that many hours! So my friends going to cover for me so that i can recover for my main job on monday.

Everybodys got this virus. I'm sort of glad i got it this week as i'm going on holiday 5 weeks next tuesday.

Its been a bad day today. My dad went to the doctors cos his ears were playing up. He's going to Greece on Monday so he didn't want his ears to suffer on the plane.

Anyway the doctor diagnosed skin cancer on his face, so its a blimin good job he went!!! He's had had it ages, so i 'm a little worried about him


sorry to hear about your dad julie x


Yes i was a little shocked. The doctor he went to is amazing really. He just spotted it.

It doesn't look like a mole though. Quite shoking really. I'm sure he'll be fine. Bless him, he's really worried about having a hole in his face

Thanks your kind words were very much appreciated x


My Dad has had several ops on his face to remove cancerous ""bits"" and it has left little scarring. Some basically started as little spots that wouldnt heal but many of these were unseeable to the untrained eye. He did have one that was frozen off which left a large round scar in the middle of his forehead but even that has died down over the years. The main thing to remember is to be grateful that they are found and treated. My Dad's consultant believed his were probably caused by being in Burma during WWII


I know he'll be fine. Its always a shock when you hear cancer.Its such a terrible illness. My brothers a consultant & my sister in law is a Gp, so were lucky to have such excellent support & info.

My dads really worried about having a big hole in his face. My mum & dad are going to Greece on monday, so lots & lots of sun screen. And staying out of the sun, which is a shame as he loves to swim.

I will never sun bath again!!!


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