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When i was little i had glue ear. I've always suffered with ear infections & sore throats, which effect my chest. I went to see the ENT consultant today & i'm haviing grommits fitted. I'm 34 wish i'd of had it done when i was little. Oh well.

Hopefully i won't suffer with bad infections when i have a cold!!

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Oooh! lucky u. I had grommits when I was yonger cus i had enlarged adnoids and glue ear which made me completely deaf. I had no real problem with them, altho i think you have to be careful of getting water in your ears (i had to wear ear plugs when i went swimming). They came out themselves when I was in junior school, really weird, like little cotton reels lol

I hope they will sort your ear, throat and chest problems out!



My littlely is on a waiting list and we've been told will have to wait about 5 months to have op done. Good luck


I'm kind of looking forward to having it done, just to see the benefits really. Gosh 5 months is a long time. I think the waiting list at Warwick hospital is about 11 weeks.

I just hate the horrible needle they leave in your hand yuck!!

Oooohhh and i had a camera shoved down my nose today, i the aneasthetic dripped down the back of my throat. I nearly gagged!! It was horrible.


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