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Prescription Pre-payment Certificate

My stupid virus/bacterial infection has cost me an absolute fortune. I had flu just before xmas too, so over the last couple of months i must of spent about £60 + on prescriptions.

My dad told me about PPC. I have applied for one. You can buy a 12 month card for £95.30 or every 4 months for £34.65.

Thought i'd share this with you peeps as i'm sure alot of people will benefit from it.

Take care

Julie X

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Many thanks Julie for a reminder about the pre pament certificate.

I wish it was more widely advertised etc as many people, like yourself, end up paying loads. It is well worth it.

Although I am exempt, I am aware of it and have used one many moons ago.

I hope you are feeling better and have got over the flu.

Take care



Thanks Kate

Yes i'm recovering nicely thanks! I bought some NO-GERMS instant hand sanitiser today. I am obsessed with staying healthy.I've just been really unlucky these past few months. I'm going to use it at work! They will probably think i've gone mad. Couldn't deal with another virus!!

I slept all afternoon today. Thats really bad! I'm back to work on Monday, can't wait! The first day back will be quite scary!



have had one for last 3 years - saved me a fortune in what i was paying before! that's one good thing abtou full time ducation - the free prescriptions! Glad you found out about it Julie


Definately worth the money. I wish I had known about it earlier than I did, would of saved me a fortune before now. Bought myself a 12 month one. Will soon payfor itself.


also if youre on a low income, dont quite know what the bracket is, but you can also get HC2 whcih entitles you to free prescriptions, that thing has made being an asthmatic 19 year old student a lot easier


I think that GP s and pharmicists should let anyone who has to have more than a few items a month know about it as it saves some of us a fortune.

I know that my yearly one pays for itself within about 6 weeks weeks worth of meds


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