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Had my operation today

It all went went. Was surprised to see my respiratory consultant carrying out the surgery. He flushed out my sinus's while putting in my grommets. My nose is driving me mad as i'm not aloud to sneeze of blow my nose for week. My nose is constantly running. Ears are just popping now and again, can't say they hurt to much but i can hear funny sounds sometimes. I can actually feel the difference in my hearing already

Just glad its over. the doctors, nurses and all involved were absolutely brilliant & so friendly

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Glad your operation went well...but how are you expected not to sneeze????




I was actually shown a way which actually works. When you feel a sneeze coming press above your upper lip and under your nose. It really does work


I'll try and remember that next time I feel a sneeze coming. Hope you are fully recovered soon and can cope with all the noise around and about.


Thanks. Its the nasal drip i'm not coping with at the minute. Its driving me mad. I can only use one piece of tissue to wipe my nose once and i've nearly finished

my second toilet roll. Its also making me cough abit.

I'm hoping its slowed down by tomorrow

Thanks again x


Hi Julie,

Glad the op went alright and hope you are coping okay with the after effects - sounds most unpleasant!

Take care



Hello am glad everything went okay, wishing you a speedy recovery. Sadwheezer


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