My dreams hopefully gonna come true!!

I've wanted to be a police woman for a few years now. I went to the open evenings, got fit, travelled round with the Warwickshire police Then found out that people with asthma could not join.

I was gutted! Anyway ive found out this has been lifted because of discrimination Woo Hoo.

I've now got to lose weight & get fit again :s.

You have to have some extra tests to see whether you are effected by the CS spray. My asthmas only effected by virus's although because of my quick treatment, i have not had any chesty cough with this virus i have now. Only if i have a bit of phlegm.

Not an easy job i know but i'm more determined this time round.

Ju x

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  • Go for it!

    And good luck!



  • Good Luck !

  • wow that is wicked i always wanted to be a police officer but casue if asthma couldn't and cant ( cant run to save my life lol!!) but that its fine that is such a sucess for you i wish you all the lcuk in the world to becomin one!!


  • Good luck with the job-the CS spray could be a problem though,its nasty stuff up close and personal!

  • This is fantastic news. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


  • Gonna take a while but exercising helps my asthma. The only thing is after i've done a good workout i have to try & figure what i have to do with the extra air in my lungs.

    Weird i know.

    I'm so happy cos i haven't had any problems with this virus. I was so poorly wed,thurs & friday with a high temprature. How i coped at work i don't know. My manager is such a selfish c*w the only time she asked me if i was ok was when i burst into trars friday morning cos i just wanted to go to bed. I just felt dreaadful. My clothes were wet form the sweat.

    My chest hasn't suffered.

    A few years ago i used to take singulair. I had to come off it cos i had a stomach ulcer. At the time i never really suffered with wheezy chest infections just phlegm. Now that i am back on it, i swear its helped.

    So i've been poorly without ended up i A&E on a nebuliser & i can finally start working towards a career

    Thanks for listening x

  • I'm ok with sprays. Although it has to be pretty fierce to work!! I'm not to worried about it :)

  • wow that is brilliant!!!!!!

    Please keep us posted!!

  • I will!!!!!

    Need to start thinking about my exercise regime. Mmmmmm lots of walks with the dogs. They don't do the bleep test anymore so i will need to start running. Not yet though. Just gonna start slowly

  • ohh the bleep test, that brings back memories *shivers*

  • All the best of luck Julie!! x

  • Thats brilliant Julie!

    Hope it all goes really well for you!


  • Aaaaaw thx everyone. Hopefully by the end of the year i'll be ready to apply :) x

  • woohoo!

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