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I've just got an invitation for a family event in Feb. The trouble is that there is no way for me to avoid dogs around it. I am very allergic to dogs. I usually load myself up with antihistimines and start to take more preventer a while beforehand, this usually gets me through it for enough time to keep most happy.

Right now, upping the preventer isn't possible as I'm on the maximum dose. Also, even if I could I don't think it would help me with anything other than a free ride to A&E. The difficult bit is that me & asthma are normal for my family. They don't seem to understand just how bad it is right now and won't be happy if I don't turn up (they still haven't got over my Christmas absence). No amount of explaining seems to help them understand, I guess I've not explained it very well.

Sorry - am just venting. Seems I'll be the black sheep for a while.

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Sorry TS. Its so hard isn't it? I am having to stay away from somewhere I go every week with my family (hubby & kids, parents, sister ect....) as they are having building work done. My Mum is finding it hard to understand & tells me just to take my inhalers & nebuliser with me. The thing is if you know something triggers you off you cant risk being around it. Having an asthma attack & then getting over it takes time. Families can be such hard work sometimes! Surely being the black sheep for a while is better than being a very poorly one! Thinking of you.




You're right S.Mama. They'll get over it in time, maybe when things have calmed down for me I'll be better at explaining as well.

I hope the building work finishes quickly! I'm just missing one event and your missing out on a few.


Can't you meet somewhere else? A friend of mine is a heavy smoker and he understands when I say I don't want to go in his car or house.

Having said that, another friend of mine has a really doggy & dusty house that always sets me off and I feel too polite to tell her so I'm always trying to suggest she cones to mine or meets me in a restaurant.


I love my dog, and so does my sister, but sadly she really suffers when she visits me. Because of this I don't expect to see her at my home and when I visit her which isn't often because Lottie goes everywhere, Lottie goes out in the garden. Perhaps because I have the condition I am more understanding, anyway for the sake of your health stick to your guns on this one, I am pretty damn sure if you were to end up in hospital as a result of going to this place your family would be really upset.

Finally is it possible to direct your family to our responses about your worries, they may then appreciate that you are not being over the top in considering your own welfare.

Cheers Katina


Thanks for your replies :)

I think the problem they have is understanding the levels of asthma. Also, I have another health issue that they just don't get at all and don't want to talk or listen about. Seems I've not got a very compassionate family. I do have good friends though so am getting great support. To go to the event, I have to travel a few hundred miles and stay for a couple of nights, its almost impossible to avoid the dogs and other triggers.

I'm going to stay safe at home. They'll get over it in time.


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