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Weird experience - is it familiar to anyone?

I'm fine now but had a weird experience this evening. Have been a bit tight/breathless for a while (GP knows). This morning I was a bit rough but the ventolin didn't help much and it felt like anxiety rather than asthma. I was ok until late afternoon when I was a bit dizzy when sitting down.

Then I felt like I had a cold starting - throat and neck were a bit sore. On my way home I was struggling a bit but with no wheeze at all and decided it was a cold starting - I felt very rough but breathless. This isn't unusual for me with a bug. When I got home I decided to give the ventolin a good go so took a few puffs and it made a big difference. This isn't what I'd expect with a cold.

I'm fine now, the bug sems to have magically disappeared and I will get help if I need it. Am a bit confused though, I've always wheezed or been tight. Anxiety can mess around with my breathing but I can normally tell the difference between the two.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Please don't worry - if it happens again I will get checked out.


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Hi TS,

Never had that exact experience but some elements sound familiar. I sometimes get a sore throat and think I might be starting a cold but it goes away after a bit - does seem to be when breathlessness gearing up a bit, though doesn't happen very often.

I also get a kind of 'feeling rough' that's a bit like coming down with a fluey bug - this happens when I have overdone it, usually after walking too much (and I have pretty low standards currently for 'too much') - also tends to be when breathlessness gets a bit worse. It usually passes after a day or two but can make it hard to do very much meanwhile -and it really does feel like the beginning/end of flu though I know it's not! Can't say whether my inhaler gets rid of it, it never really works anyway.

Thought I'd share this so you know you're not the only one, though as ever I feel like my experiences aren't necessarily that much help to anyone on here as though they often seem similar I am a diagnostic mystery!

Hope it helps a bit anyway and hope you feel better.


could be high pollen levels...they give me sore throat make me breathless...just a thought.


I'm not sure what triggered it, pollen isn't helping me right now though so it could be that. It feels a bit different to pollen in my throat though..

Thanks Philomela, its good to know I'm not so unusual! I'm wondering if its a big tightness - maybe I'm confusing neck/shoulder ache with sore glands? I'm usually very good at wheezing but as its behaving a little differently. I've been trying to hit it with ventolin today. That seems to be helping.


Hi TS,

Confusing isn't it - when you said about neck/shoulder ache, I find struggling to breathe can wreak unexpected and confusing havoc elsewhere!


I also get sore throat/swollen glands/stiff shoulders when my asthma is bad, even if I don't have other symptoms at that particular point.


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