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Glad to find you all!

Hi - my name is Nicci.

I got diagnosed properly in 2004, when I was totally bed ridden and sounded like a WWII bath plug hole when you drain the water every time I tried to breath... thought I had lung cancer or something of that ilk, and it turned out to be severe asthma!!! aha! I had been living in London like a workaholic for 10 years and had to leave my life there the very next day for Margate to be able to be rehab'd chez family. Crazy!

No-one in my family has asthma, so it's a real struggle to feel supported mentally after I have had a very bad traumatic attack, but my Asthma Nurse recommended I get online to this site - and I'm really happy to be here. Yeay!

Thanks everyone.

Kindest regards!

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Morning Nicci and I bid you a warm welcome to AUK!

Pop over to the camping thread and pitch your tent. This is where you will meet most of the regulars, but I warm you, most are mad as hatters - LOL.

Take care,



Thank you for letting me join your tea party! I am also rather wacky myself... have I found my narnia? :)))

Have a great day!


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