Thought I had been doing too well then just lately then for the new year I inherited a head cold from my partner. I was coping with this ok then the cold went to my upper respitory and going out this morning to de -ice my car my breathing became really tight. I had wrapped up so well I could hardly see out of my scarf but it did not help today . Sooo did not want to have another day off as really busy at work but I know feel really fed up . Every one else gets cold and shakes it off.I get a cold and end up with a tight chest and feeling awful and end up grounded for days .This cold spell is really horid for breathing . Does any one have any good ideas to ensure I cope better.

Feeling sorry for myself!!!


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  • hi MO

    Can sympathize with you I am constantly the same and hate it.

    Make sure you take your reliever before you go out in the cold and scarf round your mouth.

    Any colds I get go straight on my chest and chest infections to boot with bad flair ups,a vicious circle.

    Make sure you can tell when you need antibiotics and pred if you use it and nip it in the bud if you can before it gets out of control and mega probs.

    love Glynis xxxxx

    dont worry about work and time off you are coverd by the DDA for asthma

  • Hi Mo,

    I know how you feel, as soon as I go outside even if I wrap up really warm somehow the cold gets through and my chest gets really tight and I can't breathe. I hate this weather and can't wait for it to improve. Hope you are now in the warm and feeling a bit better.



  • I'm always afraid if I use my ventolin too much it will lose it's effect, my asthma nurse says it won't but I'm not so convinced!



  • fed up today

    Thanks all for your support . Managed to find one cough sweet so hope this sooths my throat. Does anyone recommed any cold remedies that are particualrly good . I know there are lots around but never know what to try that will not affect my asthma too much .I'm drinking lots but my appetite is not good today .

    Gynnis can you tell me what DDA I dont seem to know this. At work I always tell them I'm asthmatic when I have back to work interviews but lately they have tightened up on sickness so does not make you feel very confident.



  • hi mo

    DDA Is Disabilities Discrimination Act.

    Basically your employers have to alter or make easier your job when you are having bad flair ups .Time off Due to asthma and like chest infections that can make asthma really bad have to be taken in to consideration and not loose your job when have time off for it.

    How ever some jobs can cause asthma flair ups working in strong smells or chemicals etc,in that case an alternate job would be found for you and if it was not possible the OH and HR would get involved and if they agree you would be paid off if no job there suitable for your needs.

    love Glynis

    xxxxPM me anytime

    edit-thats what im going through now

  • hi MO

    A bout your cough.

    I also have really severe coughing fits that scare me ,I have put one or two blogs on here to find some help with what to take to help settle my cough as gives my lungs a good battering all the time.

    I found a cough med that helped me but the amount I was using I was scared of getting hooked on it,so trying other things.

    if you look on the messages you will see some of the replies I had for it.under cough or coughing

    Hope you sort your coughing out,

    love Glynis xxxx

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