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Panic Attacks

Ha any one else out there felt as stupid as I have. Last week when the weather was really hot I was suffering with my asthma and heat exhaustion . I stayed in the house with my air con unit blasting away till the weather cooled down . I have still felt quite breathless since the weather cooled down so returned to the GP yesterday to see what was happening . She said my chest was not to bad and thinks I am suffering from panic attacks . Sometimes I do get upset when I cannot controll my breathing and I may be hyperventilating . Has anyone any advise on how best to stop panicking !!!


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hi some simple things to try are breathing techniques ect..

personally i would recommed some herbal remedies , best ones are Bach flower remedies :

Bach rescue remedey - works well

Bach also specialise in other flower/herbal remedies for diffrent problems , for example walnut remedy for problems with change.

you can by Bach remedies in boots but for the widest range and advice try your local health shop . Bach rescue remedy is also avaliable in superdrug

good luck x


panic attacks

Thanks lil tinx I will try what you recommend and see if it helps . Anything that helps reduce stress and anxiety must be good. I hope it will help me settle down .I need to get back to work soon

Again Many thanks

Mo x


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