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I have read some of the post and its reassuring to know other people also find the hot dry heatwave hard to cope with . My particular stress is I have a scarred lung according to the GP as well as asthma and as my new office is small and cramped and |I share with 4 others ther is no aircon in the room and the heat ,computers and lights means the whole place is very claustrophobic. I have managed up till this week and had to go off sick as I cannot cope with the heat. The gp says stay cool and out of the sun which I am.The only up side is I am able to to catch up on my reading and the tennis ., but Id rather be at work and getting on with my life

GP says antihistimines Piriton will help but I am not keen on taking too many drugs do any of you out there feel like me about drugs . Like some of you I cannot wait for the temp to drop . I gather from the post I've read that a lot of you take steroids . The first time I tried them at a particualrly bad time they made me feel weird and sickly so I stopped them and struggled on . I make sure I always use my preventer every day and this has has helped to keep me stable but this weather is a killler does anyone know why hot weather makes us feel worse and does anyone know if alternative medications help . I am interested but unsure as to there effectiveness. I always say that I am a spring and autumn person as I always feel better when the weather is mild is this the same with everone? Cheers Mo

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This is not a medical reply just a personal conclusion on why asthma is bad in heat. In heat metal swells and gets bigger so i have figured that the airways in the lungs must also swell and this causes tight chests and wheezying and endless barking (coughing). This is my personal opinion sure others will be along soon to tell us more.

Well come to the boards who you get some friendly advice and get to know us.



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