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am i finally gettin somewere with his asthma

hiya all ,thanks for the messages i had back, went to clinic today she said his chest is clear again, but also at this point he started coughin so she couldnt understanf were the cough has come from, she said as for the night cough it could be somethign in his bedroom triggering it off but as i explained to her he doesnt always cough in his room he coughs in my room and downstairs and in his dads house when he sleeps out, he is also due for another anemia review at hosptial as its been a year since his iron was low but she said there is no way that his iron being low can affect his coughing, she is gonna have a word with the pedatriton doctor tomorrow to see were to go with him next , she said they might referr him up to hospital to have checks up there but she cant do any thing till she speaks to the pedatriton doctor, she also metioned that they can give him a tablet to take at night to stop him coughin, n e ideas wat this is

all helps would be great full

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Hey welshchick,

glad she is taking you more seriously and trying to sort things out for your wee loon (which is a word for boy up here, not suggesting he is mad). The tablet at night might be singulair (also called montelukast). There are some threads around on medical I think about it.

Take care



Well i'm far from an expert on this but i'm sure I read about something called a called a 'psychogenic cough' - children do love attention, and your child may be trying to draw attention to himself by coughing. You should try to make him understand that dry coughing is a bad thing - it irritates the lungs and can certainly aggravate asthma. Not to mention the fact that he might be prescribed drugs to control it!

I found the book: heres a quote:


Psychogenic cough is described as a dry cough or throaty cough, which ranges from simple clearing of the throat to a coughing fit lasting several minutes. This is often seen in children or teenagers following an infection or mild asthma attack.

The cough disappears during sleep or when the child is distracted. The cough can become the focus of the family’s life. These children often do not get any relief from reliever medication and they can be on a high (apparently ineffective) steroid regime. Sometimes, there may be an unresolved conflict at school or in the home, or the child’s breathing pattern may have been disrupted by their illness.



If read first poat would read that the child coughs at night too so therefore dont think at all attention seeking?

They probably mean singulair taken at night, coughing is a sign of athma and doesnt have to be associated with a wheeze or an infection can be on its own.

Hope you get somewhere hunny

Andrea xx


I agree Andrea, any cough that lingers at night can't be attention seeking. In any case welshchick, I am wishing you all the best and hopefully you can get things sorted out for him, and maybe get a little extra help with things



For crying out loud Xephos, What a load of **** !!!

A 3 yr old is not going to cough all night for attention!

Actually I can't even be bothered to write what I was going to as i'm sure you sit there and think what can I write to cause a reaction.

Welshchick, I really hope you get some answers for your little lad very soon, My son is 11 and suffered with severe asthma all his life so I know where you coming from.



Hi welshchick

glad to see from your other posts that you might finally be getting somewhere - if you need to, feel free to pm again.....

I thought long and hard about this, and decided I would post what I thought ... maybe a bad idea given I've drunk half a bottle of red but here goes... wed ed & mods please feel free to tell me to shut up.....

Xephos... not intended as a personal attack even if it read so - more a case of I think you need to re read what you are wwriting before you hit submit and think about how it will come across, but I have read your posts on more than one occasion and, although previously I haven't replied.... this time I feel compelled to.

Everyone's situation is unique and very important to them, especially where a child is concerned. I find it very hard to think that a 3 year old would display symptoms purely as ""attention seeking"" behaviour, and to be honest, I feel this is true of anybody.

Personally I've used this site to get different views/information when feeling I need more info, or someone to say they've experienced something similar - for example, I'm always a bit confused as to what is ""severe"", and have always felt a bit of a fraud at clinic cos I have never had an admission, and have never had to seek help at A&E, ... but that does not mean that my condition/symptoms are not genuine, and the same for everybody... for me personally, at my worst, I can't speak due to being short of breath, and have always seen this as a point at which I sought help via my GP... now I have a personal action plan via clinic that says this is the point I should go in to the ward...

What I am trying to say is I guess that I feel some of your posts, if you were answering my requests for info or help, would possibly leave me feeling very insecure and uncertain as to whether I have a genuine problem or it is my own fault in someway, or all in my head.

As you don't appear to have medical training, perhaps you should leave specific advice to those that have...

Once again sorry if I have offended you or anybody else...



good luck welsh chick

no joke with coughing children, I'm now waiting to see local con to try to get to the bottom of it all. best wishes to your little one

we are here to be supportive, best wishes


Ah, well I didn't know it was a three year old (wasn't in the original post). I saw the thread dropping down the board and thought i'd throw this comment on board.

Remember that replying to online forum threads arent just for the benefit of the original poster - other people read them! People may be too shy to post asking about their own child, or type ""Coughing in children"" into the search box. If they stumble across this thread they'll get the impression that dosing your kid up with Singulair is the only answer! At least I contributed something. Sigh.


But sometimes contributing something isnt needed and causes more harm than good!


Anyway, getting back to the welsh chick post...... My son has been on singular for 7 years now, although it is difficult to tell how sucessful its been as he on 11 diff meds. I can say I have heard very good reports from other parents and my son has had no side effects from taking it at all so it may be worth giving it a try so u and your little one can get some sleep.



Sorry, I have to say something. The original poster specified that her child (and the age wasn't specified) was persistently coughing at night, and that a nurse had suggested a tablet. The poster wished to know what this tablet may be. Owl suggested it is probably Singulair, indeed so, and directed her to other threads about Singulair, which has been discussed recently.

If there was any possibility of psychogenic cough, nobody would be putting this kid on Singulair. You are quite correct, Xephos, to raise it as a possible cause of persistent cough in children, but I don't think you can then justify it by saying that people will think the only treatment for a cough is Singulair! In order to read and post on any fora you have to take all the comments and postings in the context of the original question.


well i dont understand how iv sort of sent out a message that the only answere to a child is coughing is using singualir, i havent stateted any were on my post that `singulair is the only medication that stops children coughing, i was asking of advice on this certain tablet as how it works, my son has had asthma for 3 years and i dont just go out and ask for medication that i havent got a clue about , i havent said that all parents should dose they`re kids up on singulair, unless you can prove me wrong on that one id like to no, and as for the reply a child can cough for attention now why on earth would my son cough for attention when he gets all the attetion through the day from his mum and dad, this is so pathetic, i came on ere for advice and a little help from people with astham, my son may have had asthma for 3 years but im still learning how to cope woth different situations,

well thanks to all the people who did reply helpfull advice ,


Hi Welshchick - hope you found the recent threads on Singulair? The team may not decide to put him on the tablet, but at least you'll have some info if they decide that's the way to go.

On a personal level, I take Singulair and have never had any side effects - and it's been very useful for controlling some of my exercise-induced symptoms.


hi cathbear yeah i found out about singulair the doctors have also put him on a month trial they have also dropped his brown inhaler down to 3 puffs instead of 4 , thanks for reply


Cool. Hope you notice a change with Singulair - it won't happen overnight (sorry, no pun intended), but it often makes a significant difference in children, who tend to have a significant ""allergic"" component to their asthma.


Ah, Xephos...

The info you posted was very good but completely irrelevant to this particular thread. It would have been much better to start a new thread in Medical with that particular snippet of info. Posting it into a thread such as this just adds to confusion.

And people will only think that ""dosing their kids up with Singulair"" is the only way to stop them coughing if they a) take everything they read on the Internet as gospel, and b) don't read the rest of this thread to see what it's actually about.

A well-meaning post, I'm sure, but it's caused a great deal of offence.


Hi Welshchick,

Just re-read your original post.

Apparently the nurse said ""...there is no way that his iron being low can affect his coughing"" I will check out some info on this tomorrow in one of my medical books, as I'm quite sure that low iron levels can be an indicator of asthma. I will let you know what I find.

On a separate point - it is normal practice for domestic heating systems to be switched off during the wee small hours for obvious reasons. However, when my sprogs (local colloquial term for kids) were very young I always left the heating on through the night (when their asthma was troublesome) as I believed that the drop in temperature (change in humidity) caused the coughing through the night. It might be worth a try?

Xephos also got me thinking...

I do not wish to express an opinion on Xephos's comments but I have made the following observation in connection with my youngest one when she went into coughing fits. It would appear that some kids tend to over-cough (coughing in excess) sometimes to the point that they can make themselves physically sick. I pointed this out to my daughter (now aged 11) and explained that she should try not to cough, kind of the opposite from what she was doing. It appears that kids think that by coughing violently this will in some way remove/cough-up the thing that is making them cough. I think this practice actually makes the coughing worse by creating further inflammation/irritation of the airways thereby prolonging the coughing episodes. Once Diane realised what she was doing, she minimised her coughing which (I believe) helped her down the path to recovery.

Maybe younger kids (infants) also over-cough perhaps caused by a natural/reflex mechanism which unfortunately exacerbates an asthmatic cough.

Hope this helps a wee bit.

Take hair,



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