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is it normal to vomit phlem

hi all i posted in a few times recently regarddin my son with a chest infection and hes also asthmatic he has been on anitbiotics now for 5 days but the cough is still there and still chest as ever and aint breaking when he is coughing, last night i popped out while my dad minded my boy for an hour by this point he was upset and was really tired, when i came home he was already in bed sleeping my dad had said he cryed for an hour when i went as i went upstairs i realised he had been sick but it was all phlem and white and frothey i know this is a bit graphic detalied, is it normal for him to vomit this phlem up, and is it normal that after 5 days he still got this really bad chest cough that dont seem to break when he coughs

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from what my kids have done in the past I wouldnt be overyly worried as many kids swallow phlegm rather than dispose like adults do, also if he had been crying that often can make a child vomit if they are very upset.

My 9 yr old is now on day 3 of antibs and her cough hasnt eased at all either so it maybe the strain of lurgy doing the rounds , if your son hasnt improved by tues thaen it maybe worth speaking to your gp i now thats what i will be doing.

PLease rememebr that if you are really worried then call NHS Direct or go to A and E they would rather se a poorly child that a seriously ill one.

Hope 2007 is a better 1 for you and your son. x


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