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I feel so ill for 5 weeks now, fed up :(

Im just looking for some advice, Have been taking Clenil modulite 100 and ventolin 100 but recently been told to stop my clenil and ttake seretide125 instead due to my asthma symptoms worsening, i went to out of house doctors last bank holiday and could hardly breath, i had 5 days course of prednisolone which seemed too make me feel loads better for a few days, after that i seemed too go back down hill totally and back to feeling rough, pain in between shoulder blades, chest pain every so often, im so tired and lots of breathlessness, this is really hard as i have a 4 months old daughter, im so scared to do anything or go out anywhere incase i fall ill, please anyone got any advice???

thanks xxxxxxx

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Hi there

I was diagnosed in March this year and also on Clenil and Ventolin. Asthma unstable and felt unwell however at asthma clinic on May 10 was put on Singulair which thank goodness now appears to be helping a lot. The pain between shoulder blades and chest may be rib dysfunction which I had due to all my coughing. I had an asthma attack on 13/5 and caused the damage then. The GP suggested a chiropracter and I have now had three appointments and I cannot tell you the relief this has brought. So it would be worth going back to Dr's/asthma clinic to see if Singulair may be an option for you and also chiropracter to treat the other symptoms. It is also so individual I guess - but may be worth a try. Really hope you start to feel better soon , I can relate to feeling anxious as it all seems so scary and unpredicatable - may also be worth talking about this with someone as I have come to realise that asthma has impacted on me not just physically but psychologically and each issue needs seperate but complimentary attention to help. Take care


Thanks for your message, im so ill at the moment, after a trip top out of hours yesterday and then a hospital visit today they finnaly told me i have tracheitis, (infection in trachea) i now have antibiotics and hoping i will feel better soon :) it a horrid feeling, it feels like i have something stuck in my throat and cant get rid of it! how are you guys?


So sorry to hear you are unwell at the moment bowerskatie, and I know how you feel. How are you getting on with the seretide and antibiotics? I hope that when the infection settles down your asthma will start to, too. The important thing is to keep getting checked out by your GP or AN until you find a medication that works for you. It's easy to feel much better after a course of pred, but if things aren't settling down afterwards it's a pointer towards needing a more long term plan. I have been going through a bad patch these last few days, been on pred, but recent deterioration in my asthma has led me to believe I might not be as settled on my inhaler (seretide500 and montelukast at night) as I'd hoped. It's just a case of keeping going til you find the right thing. It's so unfair that it makes you feel that you can't go out and enjoy things for fear of an attack or being ill. Definitely the worst part of having asthma :(

Hoping you are feeling better,

Natalie xx


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