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Buteyko Free Seminar Eastbourne tonight

I thought I'd put a quick note here to let anyone in the Eastbourne area know there will be a free 90 minute seminar about the Buteyko Method of asthma management. It will be 6pm-7.30pm at the Frenchgate Christian Centre, Frenchgate Road, Hamden Park BH22 9EU, 5 minutes from the station. Knowledge is power, learn something new about asthma.

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If you attend this event, please make sure you check with your GP/consultant/asthma nurse before embarking on a Buteyko programme, and do so only under proper medical supervision.

Having said that, it's free so worth checking out.


Buteyko & your GP/Specialiast

Thank you for your comment, yes the Buteyko Method is always taught with the emphasis on your GP/specialist involvement. It is essential to have the medical involvement when considering the reduction of medication. Safety is the prime consideration. If your GP does not know about the Buteyko Method we can supply an information leaflet specifically aimed at doctors.


Thank you for this post. I just wanted to post about how nice it was to see someone putting somehting abotu buteyko without throwing it down our throats and saying it will cure asthma as there have been many in the past.

I hope you egt a positive response form the seminar. I wont be attending however.



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