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A ruined evening :(

Good Morning everyone,

Well feeling a bit rough this morning it has to be said. Last night was awful...

I was going to the theatre with friends from college and a teacher, as it was a part of our theatre course, and everything was brilliant. Before I left I was feeling a little tight so I packed my inhaler thinking it was probably a good idea. Anyhow, had a lovely day looking around the city, and then we all met up at the theatre.

As we were walking into the studio, everything was really hazy because they were using smoke machines. I have never ever had any problems before (out in town, other theatre performances etc), but I started coughing, and then as the performance commenced my chest just ceased up, and I began wheezing quite badly. I spent most of the time trying to control myself from making too much noise as I didn't want my teacher or my friends to know I was struggling. In the end things got too much, and I had to take my inhaler as due to the layout of the theatre, I couldn't leave without crossing over the performance space. Then much to my despair, they pumped even more of the stuff into the room, so I had to take my inhaler again... By this point I was have an attack. Luckily, the interval came pretty close after this and I was able to get outside where I collapsed in a heap on the floor gasping for breath. Continued to take ventolin, took 8 puffs in total and things started to calm down, though my breathing was still very rapid. Ended up getting the train and missing the second half and this morning my chest and ribs are really sore and my breathing still isn't properly back to normal.

Sorry for the rant but I am fairly new to asthma and it totally wrecked my evening. Just grateful it calmed down.

Hope everyone is ok,


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sorry to hear you had a bad night :S and missed your show. smoke machines are awful for us arent they?!

hope u feeling better and taking things easy xx


That's bad news Jessica, hope you pick up soon, take it easy and feel free to rant away



Sorry to hear about your evening being ruined. I've had a few ruined evenings myself so know what it's like. Put it down to experience and don't let it stop you going out. Hope you feel better now.


Sorry that your evening was ruined because of your asthma, it is really frustrating when that happens.

I hope you are feeling better now.


Good morning.

Sorry your trip to the theatre was ruined for you. I hope you are feeling better now. Its always upsetting when asthma plays up. Fortunately you managed to gain control by using your blue.

Not one person on these forums will feel as if you have ranted. We all need to vent now and then, this is the best place to vent because we all know how it feels.

Enjoy the rest of your day



Get better soon hon, sorry your evening was spoilt.



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