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Diagnosed yesterday...finally!


I have been looking on the asthma UK forums for some time now, and been wondering to whether I had asthma as my symptoms were clearly identical to all those who are posting on here. I had asthma as a child (not that I can remember as I was only 3), but only for a bit, and then I moved house and some of my medical notes got lost but everything seemed fine until last winter, when I started experiencing a tight chest and wheezing.

Finally... after months of getting myself to even ring the doctors(as i hate it), they finally diagnosed me yesterday again, and i've now got an inhaler...

It's been quite persistent the last couple of weeks, the wheezing and coughing, as I have had a flu virus and chest infection - is this normal to trigger it?

I hope to never experience an attack, as the experiences on here sound so frightening... it's quite a daunting thing really. I guess i'm just happy i've now got an explanation for the symptoms I had over spring/summer alongside hayfever.

Seeing an asthma nurse in a few weeks to discuss peak flows (what is this???) and general control over it.

Anyway, hope to get to know some people on here and would appreciate any replies to the questions i've got.

Jess :)

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Hello! I was diagnosed this year (age 33) and like you I've found the info here to be invaluable. It's worth exploring all the info on the site - there's stuff about peak flow and medications and all sorts. There's also info on what can trigger - viruses are amongst the many triggers!

Anyway, you will find people here very supportive. Welcome!


im sure you must feel better knowing for sure what it is. the nurse will explain about the peak flow monitors and will prob get you to keep a diary to see when, where and what causes changes to your breathing- it measures your breaths out which if dip show on the reading and is one of the major signs of an asthma attack. good luck x


Glad you got sorted

When you see the asthma nurse you can ask them to clarify anything your not sure about. They can be very helpful.



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