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Hi just wondered if an one else had IV magnesium? I was on holiday in Dorset, i had a really bad attack, was admitted to Dorset county hospital A&E, nebs not working, blood gases really low, so they gave me the new treatment of IV magnesium! It worked really well & fast! But it made me really hot whilst having it but well worth it! I then spent 4 days in hospital, back home in Staffordshire now, feeling alot better, but not quite back to my very poor norm yet! See own resp consultant this week!

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  • If you search 'IV magneium' in the little box on the left you'll find loads of information. It's a fairly common, and i wouldn't have said new at all but maybe in that hospital it was

  • I've received IV Magnesium for years now, 9 times out of 10 it works really well for me.

    There is currently a research study (the 3Mg trial) going on in A&E departments to assess the effectiveness of nebulised Magnesium

  • Yes have it every time in an emergency, and I feel hot whilst having it too.

  • Yes I have also had IV Magnesium and it also helped me

  • It works for me, but the Doc's told me it is only used when our asthma is severe and not responding to the other drugs given.


  • Yep had it too....and yes....also feel very hot when having it!

  • I have had it several times. It works well for me, but sometimes the effects do not last long. I too feel very hot when recieving it.


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