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I was wondering if anyone could help me,

I've just got over a sinus infection/head cold which went down on to my chest, this was about a week ago, but for the last few nights i've been waking up coughing an struggerling to breath. I take about 5 to 7 puffs of my ventolin but nothing works, part from giving me the shakes. I don't tend to have bad flair ups but since I've been ill its terrible. Did try too see my asthma nurse today but Mondays are impossible to get a doctors app =)..So is there any tips on how to get it under controle untill I can see my nurse?

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Hi ya..Angel

It sounds as though you need to see the doctor... Do you have a peak flow meter? and do you have an asthma plan?.. if you do, you should do your peak flow when you wake up in the night and follow your plan. I think if you are using that much ventolin this evening and are struggling to breathe you should call your out of hours service or go to hospital. The asthma uk help line during the day is very helpful.

If you can't breathe it is serious and you should not worry about bothering people. Your gp should have emergency appointments and you should ring and tell the receptionist first thing in the morning how ill you are. They will be keen to stop you going to hospital because they lose money.

But trying to not to be mean or horrible the forum is not the place for this kind of advice, we can't possibly know how ill you are.

However if you are waking having had a sinus infection with coughing you may have bad post nasal drip if this is the case you should try a saline nasal rinse and a steriod nasal spray which you can get from your doctor. In the immediate short term, hot shower and steam inhalation before you go to bed, + if you have it and are not allergic to it sudafed + try and sleep propped up on lots of pilows.

it is totally miserable, I hope you feel better soon





I totally agree with what rihobbs has said I work in a pharmacy and it is the same kind of advie that you would have been given do not ever feel guilty about wasting doctors times etc they are there to help xxxxxxxx


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