Asthma Reliever Puffer Pouch

Hi all,

Sorry i havent been around much have been sick with chest infection again.

I have read most of the posts sorry to hear all those that have had a really bad time with asthma.

I saw on here a someone posted about a little pouch you can put your asthma reliver puffer in & put around your neck if you are out walking running etc.

I think you can buy it in the UK not sure, if anyone knows the website where I can buy it from I would appreciate it I live in Australia.

Take care

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  • Puffapouches!

    They are great!

    I have a nice blue one & a shocking pink one!

    They are around £5 each!

    They may ship to Oz? Try them! They are nice & friendly!

    Take care


  • Thank you so much Kate for the address

    I'm going to buy one I've been looking for this kind of thing have not been able to find anything like this in Australia.

    Take care

  • I tried to purchase a puffer pouch online & am having trouble at the moment had to email the company.

    Has anyone else had problems purchasing online using your credit card?

    I desperately want one! hope I can.


  • Hi cutelady, it may be an international thing as I got one no problems with my card. They're a samall company and very friendly, so I'm sure if you've emailed them they'll get back to you quickly and see what they can sort out! Hope you get one soon!

  • I was able to order a puffer pouch lush pink, might even order another for a spare.

  • Am so pleased with this information, it had never crossed my mind that anyone produced such a thing. Very useful as I am always losing inhalers in my bag so now I can clip it onto something rather than it disappearing into a mass of makeup, wallet, mobile, tissues, tablets and so on.

    Have just ordered a pink and a black. Seems the pink is rather popular!

    Thanks for the link to the online shop.

  • Hi everyone.

    You can buy PuffaPouch on ebay at reasonable prices when they are around.

    x x x

  • I met the lady who owns the puffa pouch at the allergy event in london.

    They are really lovely. There are 2 ladys who do most if the work! They were pleased to know that i had one myself!

  • maybe they should do nebuliser napsacks too, and pill pockets, and in fact a whole wheezy wardrobe.

  • I received my Lush Pink pufferapouch today (YIPPEEEEE) it's fantastic

    I'm thinking of buying another for a spare.


  • Problem Am Becoming Worried

    Hi all,

    I purchased my 2nd puffapouch Thursday 3rd August, am worried I still have not received it I've send a number of emails to the company & they have not replied. I know they could be busy, but what is one to think.

    Hope I haven't lost my money.

    Has anyone else be having any problems like this. I live in Australia my 1st puffapouch only took 1 week to arrive.


  • Hi Cute lady,

    My first order went astray and the company happily sent me replacements - I think the GB postal system has a lot to answer for LOL!

    It may be on route - not sure how long things take to get to Australia.


    If you PM me your real name etc I could phone them for you??? (cheaper from this end!)

    Take care


  • Hi Cute lady, I ordered a couple of spares and they took about 2 - 3 weeks to arrive thsi tiem, rather than the less than a week the 1st tiem, so it could just be that they are busy. Hope you get them soon

  • Hi Cal,

    I've heard back from puffapouch & apparently they have just come back from annual holidays it my pouch is on it's way.


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